Tree Surgery: Essential Equipment for the Professional

If you have ever wondered what tools and equipment the tree surgeon uses, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at some of the essential safety items that the professional arborist would require.

  • Safety Harness – When working above ground height, the tree surgeon would always wear his harness, which would be affixed to a particular section of the tree to prevent a fall. Even when working on a cherry picker, the tree surgeon would be clipped into the basket.
  • Ropes & Pulleys – The tree surgeon often applies pressure to a tree when felling, which would involve attaching ropes, and possibly even tractors to create high tension, which forces the tree to fall in the desired location. Ropes are also used to lower smaller branches down to ground level, plus they can be used to send equipment up to the tree surgeon when he is at work in a tree canopy.
  • Hard Hat & Goggles – The hard hat would also have ear muffs, as chainsaws are very noisy, and with a visor and googles, the eyes are fully protected. If you take a look at the men who carry out tree pruning in Perth WA, you will always see them wearing protective headgear.
  • Clothing – Very thick fabric protects the skin, and many arborists wear a jumpsuit style of overall, with special pockets to hold the many items he might need.
  • Steel Toe Capped Boots – Essential for obvious reasons, steel protection over the caps will protect your feet in the event a large branch dropped unexpectedly.
  • Tree Irons – These are spikes that fit onto the lower calf, and they allow the man to grip the trunk and ascend or descend, as it is critical to have solid grip with your feet. A skilled tree surgeon can quickly scale a large tree trunk using tree irons, and with a loop around the trunk at waist-level, he has a stable platform from which to work.
  • Gloves – The ideal safety gloves are tough enough to protect the skin, nut nimble enough for the person to use their fingers, and the expert would likely have several pairs of gloves, for winter and summer wear.

If you have trees on your property, it is essential that they are pruned and maintained, and with an online search, you can easily make contact with a local tree surgeon who would be happy to care for your trees.










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